VEGO Pumps offers a large and wide variety of pumps to suit your needs. Our pumps can be used for wellpoint dewatering, pressure boosting applications, drainage applications and so many more. Our pumps can be coupled with Diesel engines or electric motors as per customer’s requirements. All our pumps are designed to run dry for indefinite periods without incurring any damage. Below is a snapshot of the line of pumps we offer.

Dewatering Pumps

These versatile pumps can be used in Wellpoint Dewatering and Boosting applications. They come coupled with Deutz German engines and can work 24/7 with minimal maintenance. We offer the following Dewatering Pumps:

High Pressure Pumps

These pumps are well suited for applications requiring high pressures to be generated. The most common application is to transport water over long distances using pipelines. We offer the following High Pressure Pumps:

Solid Handling Pumps

These heavy duty pumps will work in nearly any application. They can handle the toughest sludges, raw sewage, large wellpoint applications, or clear water. We offer the following Solid Handling Pumps: