12 Inch High Pressure Pumps

The VEGO DP-H range pumps incorporate all DP-M features and provide high pressure output. They are best suited for pipeline pumping and mine dewatering. These pumps are built tough to withstand the heavy duty requirements of mining and associated industries. Stainless steel impellers or hardened steel impellers available for longer wear life. Optional clutch operated vacuum pumps available. This feature disengages the vacuum pump when the pump is primed, saving on fuel costs and maintenance costs.

The most common application of 12 Inch High Pressure Pump is to transport water over long distances using pipelines. These pumps are well suited for applications requiring high pressures to be generated.

Suction 12 inches
Delivery 12 inches
Maximum Head 60 meters
Maximum Flow 1300 m3/hr
Engine Kirloskar 6SL1500 6 Cylinder Engine or other engines
Engine Power 190kW @ 1500 rpm ( can be customized based on requirements)
Shaft Seal Double Mechanical seal in oil bath
Vacuum Pump Oil Lubricated 70cfm Vacuum pump
Priming tank Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and Mild Steel options
Chasis Skid mount / Trailer Mount with 24-hour fuel tank
  • Auto-priming pump system
  • 9m maximum suction lift
  • Integrated 24 hour fuel tank
  • Skid mount with high ground clearance
  • Side discharge pipes for easy pipe connections
  • Heavy duty Rugged Construction
  • Anti corrosive primer and scratch resistant paint
  • Stainless Steel or hardened steel parts available
  • Standard Deutz German Engine
  • Pipeline Pumping
  • Jetting
  • Construction
  • Environmental
  • Industrial
  • Clear Water
Performance Curve